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The great diversity of Southern African landscapes is an inspiration and natural asset of immeasurable value to both the population it supports and visitors alike. Geomorphologists study the history, development and processes acting on the earth's surface materials and landforms that build these landscapes. Geomorphological expertise is applied in a wide variety of fields such as land degradation, natural hazard assessment, environmental management, environmental change, and palaeoenvironmental research.


Geomorphology in Southern Africa has evolved into a unique, distinct, and recognised discipline within the earth science context. Since its inaugural meeting in 1988, the Southern African Association of Geomorphologists (SAAG) has comprised of a relatively small but dynamic academic community convening biennial conferences at locations across the sub-continent. SAAG is the representative body of Southern African geomorphologists and is affiliated with the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG). SAAG is also accredited as a Voluntary Association (VA) of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP). For more on SACNASP and SAAG's accreditation with them, please have a look here.

Geomorphology has wide applications, ranging from fundamental studies into processes and landforms, to applied studies of erosion control, to the integration of new technologies from GISc. We also believe in supporting our young researchers and professionals through initiatives such as the SAYG and actively encouraging them to participate in our conferences and excursions.

Keen to know more about SAAG? Then have a look at our Constitution. You can also join our list-serv. To join the group send an email to or post to the group at For more on SAAG please have a look at our website at

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