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COUNCIL 2021-2023




Laura Bannatyne is a Doctoral Candidate in the Geography Department of Rhodes University. Her research contributes to the Tsitsa Project and focuses on the uncertainty associated with suspended sediment monitoring and the implications of this for catchment management decision making.  Based on a working life spent in the South African water sector, Laura’s interests span a range of topics from water policy and legislation to sediment dynamics. She plays a coordinating role in the Tsitsa Project Sediment and Restoration Community of Practice, and assists with lecturing at Honours level. Laura can be reached via email and her CV is available here.




Elizabeth M (Liezel) Rudolph is a lecturer at UFS in geomorphology, and holds a PhD (from UFH), investigating the glacial history of sub-Antarctic Marion Island with cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating. Her research interests, are mainly cold-climate geomorphology, but also bio-geomorphology and landscape processes in mountainous environments.

She regards field experience an important part of her, and future geomorphologists’, training and believe “Geo’s” have an important part to play in getting South African’s ready for the future impacts of climate change. Liezel can be reached via email.




Professor Hedding works in the Department of Geography, School of Environmental Sciences (College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences) at the University of South Africa (Unisa). At Unisa he focuses on teaching periglacial geomorphology; weathering; geoconservation; and environmental science. His research interests focus mainly on geomorphology; weathering; environmental change; Marion Island; and Antarctic geomorphology. He can be reached via email and his CV is available here.




Ms Nyamela is an Environmental Scientist (Consultant).  She provides environmental assessment and management consulting services and has experience in environmental authorisation application, Water Use License Application, Basic Assessment Reporting, Scoping and Environmental Impact Reporting, environmental management programmes, public participation, environmental screening and legislative opinions as well as mine closure planning. Her research interests include soil erosion, geomorphology, rehabilitation, water, waste and renewable energy. She can be reached via email.

Renée Grundling.jpg


ECR Representative

Renée Grundling is an MSc Environmental Management student at the University of Pretoria, researching anthropogeomorphological wetlands. She is also the current chair of the Southern African Young Geomorphologists group, established in 2020 and representing South African and South Africa's neighbouring countries at international young geomorphologist events.



Council Member

Sibusiso is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography & Environmental Science at the University of Fort Hare. His research focuses on determining the formation ages of the lithologies on sub-Antarctic Marion Island. Sibusiso's research interests include volcanic landscape development, sub-Antarctic landscape evolution and landscape development processes. He is also registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions as a Candidate Natural Scientist. He can be reached via email.



Media Officer

Marike Stander is a lecturer and doctoral student in the Department of Geography, University of the Free State.  Her doctoral study focuses on sediment source tracing in the eastern Free State, but her research interests also include sediment pollution and environmental geochemistry.  Marike can be reached via email.

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