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Southern African Young Geomorphologists

The SAYG group is a subsection of the Southern African Association of Geomorphology (SAAG), an IAG National Scientific Member, and part of the IAG Network of Young Geomorphologists' Groups.


We are a network of students, post-grads, post-docs, researchers, and career scientists interested and/or engaged in geomorphologic research and related topics in southern Africa.

We define young geomorphologists as based on the definition given by the IAG. As such, a young geomorphologist is an undergraduate or postgraduate student or scientist who has received their highest degree (i.e. BSc, BScHons, MSc or PhD) within the past seven years. Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.


We focus on supporting and representing early career scientists in the field of geomorphology and related scientific fields, especially advocating stronger representation in the field of geography. We provide a platform where young geomorphologists can communicate their ideas, discuss topics and receive advice from peers from different southern African universities and research institutions. 

To support networking, an annual Symposium of the Young Geomorphologists is held at varying locations throughout southern Africa in joint collaboration with SAAG and, if feasible, SSAG conferences on alternating years. During these meetings, members are encouraged to present their research projects. Workshops, field excursions and talks will be hosted to further engage members and promote the sharing of geomorphological knowledge and skills. 



We aim to:

  • create networking opportunities in the field of geomorphology among young geomorphologists and established researchers and professionals,

  • promote collaboration, exchange and networking with international groups of young scientists,

  • provide a platform to discuss current issues of geomorphological research and topics,

  • provide an opportunity to present and discuss research projects at the biennial SAAG conference,

  • present and represent geomorphologic research in southern Africa’s youth by increasing the exposure of young researchers to both local and international science practice and advancement,

  • host activities to broaden knowledge and further develop interest such as field trips, excursions, and in-person or online workshops,

  • create awareness and support participation in International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) activities and events, and

  • support social events among young geomorphologists.

SAYG Constitution

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