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Don't forget to register for our 2019 conference

Don't forget to submit your abstracts and register for our 2019 biennial conference by 30 June. The conference will be held 16 & 17 September in Cintsa East (Eastern Cape), with 12-15 September dedicated to a soil erosion pre-conference excursion to the Tsitsa River catchment, with the post-conference workshop taking place on 18 September.

You can submit your abstract and register for the conference on our website. The early registration fee payment deadline is also 30 June. Payment details can also be found on our website.

For additional information please contact the conference conveners or have a look at our announcement here.

Conference conveners: Paul Sumner (psumner@ufh.ac.za) and Werner Nel (wnel@ufh.ac.za), University of Fort Hare, SOUTH AFRICA

Conference co-organisers: Christel Hansen (christel.hansen@up.ac.za), University of Pretoria; David Hedding (heddidw@unisa.ac.za), University of South Africa, SOUTH AFRICA

Preconference excursion: Jay le Roux (lerouxjj@ufs.ac.za), University of the Free State, SOUTH AFRICA

Workshop: Heinz Beckedahl (hbeckedahl@gmail.com), University of Eswatini (Swaziland), ESWATINI; extraordinary member of staff: University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

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