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From the SAAG Council

With the world currently undergoing the COVID-19 crisis, we as the SAAG Council want to express our solidarity with all those affected by the pandemic. Countries have gone into lock down, with South Africa no exception. The pandemic is affecting us all and numerous meetings/workshops and conferences have been cancelled or postponed. We would like to reiterate the message from our IAG president sent last week on 18 March: spread the word about the need for risk preparedness and awareness, practice social distancing and good hygiene. If your government has ordered a lock down please follow those instructions - it is to the benefit of all members of society, especially the vulnerable and those at high risk.

For those teaching at universities and other institutions of higher learning, we hope that the transition from contact hours to online learning has been progressing smoothly. For those employed elsewhere, we hope that the disruptions to your work routine have been minimal, or as best that can be managed considering the current situation.  If you have any resources and ideas that you wish to share with the SAAG community please send us a message at We will ensure that all members receive these. For all of us, may we and our loved ones remain safe and weather the storm as best as can be managed.

Your SAAG Council

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