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Postdoc opportunity at the University of Rochester

Rachel Glade is looking for a postdoc to join her experimental lab at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY starting in Fall 2021. Projects are open-ended but will be focused on physical experiments. Potential projects include: 

  1. Soil transport and solifluction processes in arctic landscapes, such as this type of work. Experiments may involve building a “frozen hillslope” in a walk-in climate chamber! 

  2. Sediment diffusion in rivers. Experiments will include particle tracking over dry bumpy surfaces, moving to coupled sediment-fluid dynamics in a laminar flume. 

Previous experience or strong interest in designing and conducting physical experiments is particularly valued and applications from members of underrepresented groups (or members of groups typically under-represented in geosciences and higher education) are encouraged. The University of Rochester is committed to creating a diverse workplace and an inclusive community.

If you’re interested in these opportunities please contact Rachel at or

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