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Reviewing webinar - 23 November

There will be a peer reviewer training webinar (How to be an effective peer reviewer - webinar suitable for all researchers) at 09:30-11:00 GMT on the 23rd of November.

Excellence in Peer Review: Taylor & Francis Reviewer Training Network provides detailed in-person and online training covering all aspects of how to be a peer reviewer. The training includes ethics in peer review, responsibilities of a reviewer and how to write a report, as well as discussion of case studies. Uniquely, our training also offers participants the opportunity to become a reviewer for relevant journals to gain further experience and build connections in the field.

Register at: The webinar is geared at researchers who are at the stage of just completing their PhD or during their first post-doctoral positions, through to Associate Professors. The content is also suitable for more experienced researchers if they want a refresher on the key skills associated with peer review.

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